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eToro is really a multi-asset social trading company and brokerage which centers around providing financial and copy trading services. The company has successfully created state-of-the-art technologies which offer the traders with robust and cutting-edge tools for stellar trading performance. The online broker and trading platform lets an individual buy, trade, and sell a variety of financial instruments. eToro serves countless traders throughout the globe. It's the foremost broker that revolutionized the way of trading in the financial market.
Quick facts
The minimum balance for maintaining an eToro account is $250. It's $50 for the investors of the US and $50 for the investors of Australia.
The platform is the greatest for social trading
The fee amount is 3.0 USD/EUR minimum pips
Salient options that come with the eToro platform
Three most crucial financial giants set down the regulations of the web trading and broker platform, eToro. CySEC regulates and eToro (Europe) Ltd. manages eToro in continental Europe. Financial Conduct Authority regulates and eToro (UK) Ltd manages the web platform in the UK. The deep and regulatory involvement of these financial bodies indicates the genuineness and legitimacy of the platform for the conduction of trade.
eToro complies with every regulation and makes use of the latest encryption security technology to ensure strict confidentiality of the client's data and assets. The platform conducts trade in complete transparency and security and doesn't charge any hidden costs. In addition, it keeps every user updated on the risks and advantages of cryptocurrency trading. 
Social trading on eToro
It's incredibly simple to conduct the trading of assets on eToro. Investors can take discussions and conferences over the platform, exchange portfolio strategies, and copy the investments of other traders with ease.
Copy Portfolios
eToro offers Copy Portfolio which can be an amazing and unique service of portfolio management. The service works by allowing the trader to copy various markets with consideration of the investment strategies. This service supports curbing the risks, thereby adding to the expansion of the trader's portfolio. The trader can avail of this service of eToro with a minimum investment of $5000. He may then choose among the following three portfolios.
CryptoCurrency involves the trade in two of the most popular cryptocurrencies which are Bitcoin and Ethereum. 
CryptoEqual comprises of the large-cap crypto assets.
The CryptoPortfolio is for anyone cryptocurrencies which have a market cap over $1 billion. 
Trading platforms
eToro comes with an in-house proprietary platform that allows social along with individual trading. The trader does not need to put in any software for trading. Utilize the web browser to get direct usage of the eToro trading platform. The user can browse assets, traders, and strategies. He can also execute the trade and manage his account. The simplicity of the interface and the convenience of good use is necessary for advanced along with novice traders.
Tradable products
eToro encompasses a wide variety of financial assets for trading. Each asset class possesses unique characteristics that want different strategies of trading and investment. These asset classes include commodities, currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, market indices, stocks, and ETFs.
Mobile trading platform
eToro includes a mobile trading platform which enhances the ease of clients. The trader can download the platform from the app store of his tablet or smart-phone and conduct trading and investment with ease. The mobile trading platform for Android and iOS permits easy synchronization between platforms, with the highly organized listing, but with limited charting features and customization. The trader can set alerts for custom price updates and receive push notifications about account issues and market events. The mobile trading platform is really as convenient, quick, and efficient since the web-based trading platform.
Trading academy
The platform of eToro not just offers market analysis and updates but additionally includes a wide variety of educational and conceptual tools. These tools include videos, articles, webinars, ebooks, and so on. And what's more? All that an individual needs to accomplish is register at etoro review to get free usage of the trading academy.
Customer care
EToro bears a religious dedication to customer service. The broker of eToro addresses every concern and issue that the client raises in the FAQ section. Also, if the user's concern is not enlisted in the element of FAQs, he then can raise a question ticket for quick and efficient resolution. 
eToro enables free trading and investment in Europe. For non-European clients, the platform charges a nominal fee for the execution of trade in cryptocurrency assets. The fee is the difference between the bid price and ask price which can be in the form of spreads. The platform charges a nominal fee for trading inactivity too. However, the quantity of fee is fairly reasonable, taking into account, the actual fact, that an individual does not have to pay for a deposit fee, custody fee, and account fee. The fee for currency conversion and withdrawal is slightly high. But this fee is charged only when the trader deposits or withdraws money in any type of currency with the exception of US Dollars.
Pros and Cons
Copy-trading or social platform
Impressive catalog of crypto-currency with tens and thousands of crypto assets of trading
Robust charting
Low quantity of fees
Stringent maintenance of security and confidentiality
Strict compliance with regulations
Lucrative profits and investors may also study on the followers
Availability of study material for free to find out more about cryptocurrency
No live streaming of news updates
The minimum scope of customization
No standalone version of the platform
The fabulously lucrative features and advantages of eToro make the platform widely popular across the world for social trading. The global community of traders, investors, followers, and copyable portfolios continues to produce significantly profitable returns with social trading and investment on the platform. Furthermore, eToro continues to produce impressive improvements in the form of tradable cryptocurrency assets. The multi-asset broker and trading platform is great for amateur investors too. Irrespective of if you are a short-term or long-term trader, a newcomer, or an experienced investor, eToro will fulfill your trading and investment needs exclusively.
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