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9 Incredible Paypal Hack Examples

paypal hack a story about how precisely my PayPal account got hacked and how I got it back. I had an unlucky day but with a little tinge of lady luck's blessings which helped me to get back to square one. This story provides a good advice for the PayPal account holders on earth.

Day 1 - 8.30 PM IST

I recently logged in into my gmail account to check on the emails, I was shocked to see 4 emails from PayPal. 1. Password Changed, 2. Payment sent for some email address 3. Bank accounts removed 4. Primary email address changed. Oh my God!, I had $X,XXX in PayPal balance. While I was seeing these emails my gmail also got logged out. When I tried to login again, it did not. The hacker watched my every move. My primary email ID was the one which I employed for all my business and personal contacts and it'd 14000 archived emails and chat conversations.

I was feeling like blindfolded and left in a unknown forest. I recently couldn't believe this had happened to me. I had Norton anti virus + norton internet security and Spyware doctor, both of them licensed versions!! I understand exactly about fake emails and phishing stuffs, I never clicked on suspicious links.

I realized that... "You are safe only when nobody targets to attack you."

After a couple of minutes, someone added me to Yahoo messenger and said'Hi '. I guessed so it was the hacker and it was. The initial sentence he told me was'Hi, don't worry, you will get back everything within 7 days'.. He told me that he was a great guy and this really is initially he hacked someone. He also told me that he was in real need of the funds and would return my funds within 7 days. I almost believed him. I told him to offer back my gmail account and told him so it was essential if you ask me, and to my surprise he gave it back. He asked me what password I necessary for the brand new account and he set it. I logged in and changed the password again. I was happy that I got back my gmail but was still very uncomfortable about the feeling that someone had watched me for such a long time!!

I was late in the night, I was sleepy but I had to put up on. I supported all my files in my iPod and did a system recovery. After 45 minutes, my PC was just like new. I again changed most of the passwords and got back again to sleep at midnight.

Day 2 - 6.00 AM IST

I saw my friend was online. I chatted with him and told him the whole story. He scolded me that I haven't responded in timely fashion. He was so sure the hacker was no good and chatted with me to make sure I don't call PayPal. The hacker didn't achieve that but however he delayed me by 10 hours. I spent nearly 30 minutes looking forward to PayPal representative and then some body showed up. I told PayPal, the whole story and they listened carefully. They assured me that'I will not be held accountable for unauthorized payments sent from my account '. I felt good but not very good, I was not so sure I would get back the money. I did what I really could did and I needed to relax. I took rest using this issue.

Day 3 - 7 PM EST

I called PayPal again. It takes a huge amount of patience to get associated with them. It took a couple of minutes to spot my account. They told me that "Your fraudulent payments were reversed, did you check your account ".I recently jumped there and was so happy. But I COULD NOT LOGIN into my PayPal as the password was not with me!

I was incapable of reset my password as the hacker also changed the security questions! They advised me to send most of the documents and they will assist you to recover the password.

After a couple of minutes the hacker came online again. And LOL what nerves he got!!.. He asked me to send the documents to him because he explained my account got limited and needs to be unlocked!! I refrained myself from talking abusive words and just managed the problem and logged out.

Day 4 - 6 PM EST

I logged in into yahoo messenger and I saw that the hacker had left me an offline message. Wow! he got frustrated I guess. He left me the PayPal email and password. I logged in and viola! I went inside my PP. Lovely moment it was.. The balance was intact. The four fraudulent payments were reversed. The account was limited though. I recently printed the fax cover sheet and sent them the docs.


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