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At the Poland vs. Uganda Dual of February 1979, held in Warsaw, michael leland triumphed within the Pole Kazimierz Adach. Here boxers like Mugabi, Odwori, Butambeki, and Siryakibe were defeated.

Still in February 1979, Munduga was triumphant in the city Schwerin in German Democratic Republic where a dual match was held against Uganda. Munduga here defeated Lutz Kaesebier. Of another Ugandan boxers, only Adroni Butambeki was triumphant.

Munduga was a 19 year-old when at the 1980 Olympics held in Moscow he was pitted against 25 year-old Nelson Jose Rodriguez of Venezuela in the first preliminary round of the light-welterweight contest. At just 5'5", Rodriguez was about 50 % a base shorter than Munduga. The Ugandan triumphed on this July 21st 1980 by winning on points.

Munduga's next Olympic battle would happen on July 26th, and within the second preliminary he'd box against Farouk Chanchoun Jawad of Iraq. Though much shorter, 25 year-old Chanchoun who was simply more knowledgeable, would knock out Munduga in the second minute of the first round. The Ugandan claims he started well, but then was unfairly punched in the neck and fell unconscious. Chanchoun is famously known to own been the Asia champion thrice. Munduga would take the career of 9th overall in the light-welterweight division.

But though Mugabi would win Uganda's sole medal at the Olympics in Moscow, Munduga clearly stands out as the Uganda amateur pugilist that triumphed most for Uganda during the late 1970's. He comes to mind as an extremely hardworking, skillful, dedicated and disciplined during a time when Uganda's significance in boxing was quickly slipping down.

The World Boxing Council (WBC) rankings of July 24th 1987 ranked two Ugandan "Johns," who'd also represented Uganda at the Olympics, as among the very best ten contenders for the planet Super welterweight crown. Lupe Aquino of Mexico was the champion, John "the Beast" Mugabi was the very best contender, while John Munduga was ranked as the sixth top contender. Besides theoretically being rivals for the crown, the two were probably sparring partners given that they were both managed by Mickey Duff in Tampa in Florida. Mugabi, as a welterweight had won Uganda's only medal haul at the Moscow Olympics--a silver in the welterweight division. On the planet professional scene, Munduga would get to be nicknamed, "the Matador." Munduga would talk of his boyhood friend Mugabi as person who "had a large punch early... at 9, 10 years, he used to knock boys out... was alone that age who could" (Berger 1986).

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