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After determining where in best bit coin wallet Aspirations sectors are in your house, you will need to decorate and place items which correspond with those sectors. Understand that activating these sectors may benefit all the folks surviving in your household.

Please do not confuse this with enhancing your PERSONAL directions. Personal directions should be enhanced by utilizing your KUA number.

Don't spend a bundle!

You don't have to go out and spend a bundle to "Feng Shui" your house! Exactly how many those who have a specialty store will tell you THAT?? : ) Just browse around your house and see what items you've in a variety of places. I am these are figurines, plants, wooden objects, metal objects, photos, candles, oil burners, flowers, etc. Then look at your layout of your dwelling that you've done, and move the object to the sector that you believe best suits it.

When I first began activating my sectors, I found that there have been MANY things already in my own home that worked great for several sectors. Problem was, sometimes they certainly were not in the RIGHT sector. So, all I had to do, was rearrange things a little - and boy, just what a difference! Like, I use aromatherapy a great deal in my own home. I have an earthenware crockpot potpourri burner that I had to move to my Northeast area because of the earth element. I have another Sterling Silver oil burner that I had to move to my Northwest sector - the Metal Element. Didn't cost me a dollar - just the vitality to move them to different areas.

Become color conscious.

If you have blue curtains in your Northeast sector and they will fit a screen in the North sector, move them and replace them with some beige curtains. Keep the colors for each sector at heart as you begin your house rearranging things.

"Feng Shui" your MIND.

Get used to trying to find items that will help you. Also, bear in mind that Feng Shui is not about oriental art. It is all about where you set certain objects - doesn't matter who caused it to be - it just matters what it is made OF, what color it is, what shape it is and/or what it represents. If you go to a garage sale and find a lovely picture of a waterfall and carry it home, THINK by what sector that should go in - Water - Career - North! Reversing that situation, if you are attempting to activate your Career Sector at home, go to the garage sales and try to find things that have related to WATER. It is really easy to do, when you get used to it. Make yourself a little 3x5 "cheat sheet" card that's your sectors and what colors, etc to make use of and take it around in your wallet if you need to.

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